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Acceptable Use Policy

That Safai Bank of India is a service provided by Mumbai Sustainability Centre (MSC) in furtherance of its objectives to provide methods for practice of sustainability.

The use of Safai Bank of India by any of the visitors to the site or those choosing to accept any of the roles outlined as Account Holder, Branch Coordinator or City Coordinator in no ways establishes a legally tenable relationship between the two parties – Mumbai Sustainability Centre on the one side and the users on the other. The site and the services are to be used by the users on an as is where is basis as a means to dispose of ones multi-laminated packaging waste in a responsible manner. This is entirely a voluntary engagement and Safai Bank of India website and services are a means of facilitation.


Safai Bank of India and its parent Mumbai Sustainability Centre is under no obligation to make any payments whatsoever to any of its users for the use of the website or the services unless specifically agreed upon in writing.

Data security

Your account is protected by an encrypted password. We keep it secure, and you must also keep it safe. Our employees may not access your account unless required to do a specific job.

Opting-out, corrections and cancellations

Upon request, we will remove user information from our database thereby cancelling that user’s account / membership and correct personal information that is erroneous.

Compliance with legal process

If required by law to disclose any information that you have provided to us, we will try and ensure that we give you notice that a request for your information has been made, unless prohibited by law.


Users of the website and the allied services indemnify Safai Bank of India, its parent Mumbai Sustainability Centre, and its partners from any legal action for any loss or damage arising out of the use of the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

At all times Mumbai Sustainability Centre will be the sole owner of all IPR and other aspects of Safai Bank of India.

Privacy Statement

Mumbai Sustainability Centre follows the strict guidelines of our privacy policy.

The Terms of Use are continuously being improved. As an when an improved version is available the same will be updated on the website and all users will be bound by an updated version of the same. Safai Bank will send an email to those users whose email id is registered in its database.