Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

For residential buildings/complexes

Step 1

Every family should collect at home.

Wrappers should be dusted and clean. For chocolates and ice creams wash the wrappers.

Tetrapacks should be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

Step 2

At a regular frequency all the residents bring their collection to a designated spot eg. society office. There should be one or two coordinators to manage.

eg. every Sunday 10:30 / second Sunday or One Sunday a month

All members should have counted the number of wrappers and tetrapacks. At the office there should be a register in which the collections are recorded by family and date. This can be then entered into the IT system using the link below by designated coordinators or by the SBI office.

Step 3

The collection should be stored securely for pick up by the Safai Bank of India van. Pickups will mostly be on the last Saturday of every month. Any changes will be intimated in advance.

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