Privacy Policy

We understand and appreciate how much you care about how your personal information is used and shared. We take your privacy very seriously. We believe that your personal information must not be misused and must be secure. Our privacy policy includes these safeguards.

Mumbai Sustainability Centre (MSC) shall not, for any reason, utilize or provide the contact details or other information about any member except as required by law enforcement.

Any information collected will be stored with MSC and its affiliates or destroyed once its use is complete at MSC’s sole discretion.

The information provided will be used strictly for Safai Bank of India program operations, and not for any other project or activity

MSC shall not, for any reason, share this information with anyone except as required by law enforcement.

This information shall not be sold by MSC, traded for any form of profit or provided to others.

MSC reserves the right to change our policy at any time in order to incorporate new requirements. We will post these changes as soon as they are made on our site. Your use of the website indicate your acceptance of those changes.