How to do a model collection?

Jindal Vidya Mandir, Vasind (close to Mumbai) had stopped their collections because the school felt that the students were loosing a lecture due to the collection drive. Rishi from the Safai Bank team visited on Friday, 29th November at 8:30 am to restart and check how the process was flowing. The school does the collections on Fridays immediately after Assembly.

Few months earlier we had already given them the feedback that each student is supposed to count their own waste and not the monitors. They had incorporated this feedback this time around.

It took 30 minutes and partcipation from about 6 students to coordinate and we collected 8200 wrappers. Monitors from each class would come to a central designated spot, drop their collection into the bag and give the number to the main coordinators. Many of the collections were stored in a tightly knotted plastic bag and we had those bags opened and all the wrappers deposited loosely. This increases the capacity of the sack.

Total collection would be beyond 10000 because some classes had not done the counting and for want of time we just deposited those without counting.

Now we will work on simplifying this further and make sure that next Friday we complete the exercise in 15 mins and take the count to beyond 12,000.

A number of students also brought non-MLP plastic and it was great to see that! Seeing the activity the non-teaching staff ladies got interested and asked if they can submit milk bags and we have said yes! This is only because we are separately doing a waste management project for Vasind town and can include the milk bags there.

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