How do we help Muskan?

It’s more than 50 days now since Muskan got in touch with us for help and we have not been able to do much. Can you help?

Muskan is a 16 year old staying in Agra and preparing for competitive exams. Her concern for the environment begins with her own impact and she has been storing every single piece of plastic packaging or other waste generated from her house SINCE A YEAR! Below are the photos she shared.

Isn’t it wonderful! What better than to lead by action. Imagine every household in India taking such responsibility for their waste? And every municipal corporation providing a regular pickup? All our waste problems would be solved.

On 9th September she got in touch with us asking for help! She got to know about the program while looking for help on Facebook.

We informed her that we do not have a presence in Agra as of yet but will help.

As of end of October interim arrangement at her school has not been possible due to the lockdown. She will be leaving for her coaching classes soon and we need to clear the collected waste before 10th November.

A lot of the waste items collected would be of no value to those in the informal sector and if we give it to a kabadi then more than half the waste would be thrown away into a community bin or burnt.

We can bring the waste to Delhi or we can have a secure storage in Agra. Please get in touch with us if you know someone and someplace in Agra where the collection can be stored or you would like to sponsor the cost for transporting to Delhi.

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