Safai Bank of India is a pioneering solution developed in 2018 to provide a viable method for the collection of wrapper waste. It is simple and effective in diverting millions of waste items from reaching city dumping grounds or being littered. Wrappers are technically called multi-layered packaging (MLP) and it is the widest used packaging material for FMCG products and as a result millions of articles of waste are generated daily, posing a challenge for collection and disposal.

The program encourages and supports the opening of Safai Banks in educational institutions, residential complexes, companies where the participants deposit the waste generated by them. This ensures that the wrappers are received in a clean condition. 

Safai Bank mimics the working of a regular Bank. There is a Branch, there are Account Holders and there are Branch Coordinators. You can join this exciting platform by adopting any of the roles.

Once the waste is collected from all the branches it is disposed responsibly by methods prescribed in the Waste Management Rules 2016. 

Safai Bank of India is a project by Mumbai Sustainability Centre, which is a Section 8 non-profit company registered under the Companies Act of 2013. We work on pathways that make adoption of sustainability measures easy for various stakeholders.

Wrappers collected at JVM School, Vasind